So sorry for the lack of posts!

So sorry for the lack of posts!

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been inconsistent this week, how can you blame me? Between season two of Orange is the New Black, and the start of the World Cup, I’ve been preoccupied so to speak. I’ve also started taking classes this summer, but no worries, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog, and will be back on Monday with something hopefully! Here’s a cool list I found about the boggie down Bronx that I thought I’ll share!


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Ranking the Other Jacksons


Ranking the Other Jacksons

Good news, I’m officially a contributor for, Here’s a list I posted about three days ago about the Jackson 5!

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5 Great Jim Carrey Dramas


5 Great Jim Carrey Dramas

Here’s a listicle I wrote about my favorite actor/ comedian Jim Carrey! is an interesting website, I just started writing and contributing to it in the hopes of becoming a better writer!

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8 Things Mets Fans know about love and relationships


8 Things Mets Fans know about love and relationships

I am a proud Mets fan and I truly think I’m a better person because of it! As a ┬áMets fan because I’ve learned how to be disappointed but to get back up and be patient and resilient, in every aspect of life

This is an article I wrote in April that got published on

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