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A is for Anytime

Hey can you help me with my marketing homework?
Can you show me how to use Microsoft Excel?
Hey, I need some help moving to my new apartment.
Hey, can you watch Fluffy for me while I’m in Italy?
Do you have 20 bucks I can borrow real quick?
I can’t go to my brother’s wedding by myself, can you come with?
Can you drive me to my dentist appointment?
Can you talk to her, see if she likes me?
Hey, how are you? Want to come over to my place tonight?
Sure, anytime.

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Little Red Corvette (PT.3)


Prince- Little Red Corvette

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Little Red Corvette (PT.2)


Prince- Little Red Corvette

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A is for Almost

Five long text messages and twelve missed calls.
If he can just see her blue eyes in person, then
maybe, just maybe, he can salvage this relationship.

“Relationship is a heavy, cumbersome word.”
“Relationship is an unsexy word.”

Despite her insistance to not dress their pairing with a label,
happiness is the only word he could think to call this.

He was so close to happiness.
And after all this.
He has failed.
Almost is not good enough.

Almost is bullshit.
Almost does not count.
Almost does not matter.

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A is for Always

A is for Always

[Awl-weyz, -weez]


1. every time; on every occasion; without exception:
“He always ends up back together with her.”

2. all the time; continuously; uninterruptedly:
” I always think about you as I prepare my Green Tea and get ready to write.”

3. forever:
“Will this cycle always repeat itself?”

4. in any event; at any time; if necessary:
“She can always count on him, her fool, when she’s feels empty.”

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A is for Addiction (pt. 1)

Dependent. Fixated.
Cherishing, yearning, mourning.
Hostile. Ashamed. Vulnerable. Alienated.

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Can You Take Me Back?


The Beatles-Can you take me Back

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